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Polysand & Sealers


"Protect and enhance your pavers with Techniseal Paver Protector"

Our high-quality Wet Look concrete sealer adds a rich, glossy finish and satin appearance to your pavers. If you like the look of your pavers, slabs or paving stones after a rainfall, you'll appreciate the look and feel of this effective product from Techniseal.

This Paver Sealant protects and brightens concrete pavers. Consisting of acrylic and plasticizers, the Wet Look Concrete Sealant can be used to effectively protect and enhance your pavers and concrete slabs.

If you hire a contractor, make sure that they use this top-performing sealer, the Wet Look Concrete Paver Sealer from Techniseal.

The WL4 is an acrylic sealer that leaves a wet look to your pavers or other outdoor surfaces, such as driveways, patios, parking lots and pedestrian areas. Esthetically pleasing, it beautifies and enriches the original color of the pavers.

There are many benefits to using Paver Sealers

Sealers form a protective film over the paver, preventing the penetration of oil, water and dirt. This shielding layer protects the surface, while facilitating cleaning.

Our sealers are easy to apply and they penetrate the pores of concrete for maximum effectiveness and durability.

It won't flake, won't fade and will resist the assaults of weather such as the freeze-thaw cycles, sun, rain and calcium.

Adhesive to pavers for long lasting life, it also helps interlock pavers together.

We also offer cleaners and stain removers

Techniseal paver cleaners and stain removers are great accesorys to have around for your pavers and sealers. Our stain removers are easy to use and are completly safe for your sealers. Stain removers require no scrubbing and easily remove all stains, paint, or tar caused by the enviroment. Our Cleaners are specialy formulated for every type of paver and are easy to rinse. The most important benifit to using out cleaners is that they work quickly and even leave a glossy finish. Check our some of our cleaners and stain removers below!

Is your paver beginning to look dirty?

There are many benefits to adding sand to your home's patio, walkway, or driveway. Polymeric sand resists erosion caused by sweeping, wind, rain, and even pressure washing. Sand also inhibits weed growth and resists insect infestation, leaving pavers clean at all times.

Our polymeric sands are high-performance products that provide optimal resistance for
wide joints as well as for high-moisture and high-traffic areas.

How many different types of Polymeric Sand are there?

Technesial polysand is the main brand of polysand that we carry. We offer Techniseal's main line of RG+ and HP² in two main colors. Tan and Grey options are avaiable for both of these polymetric sands. Each of these sands are great options for many pavers.

Smart Sand Tan & Grey HP² Tan & Grey

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